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Hope Naomi Parker

The first endeavor of The Alex and Ali Foundation is The Hope Gallery, an arts boutique that showcases handmade items and the talents of individuals with developmental disabilities. The storefront is ran similarly to Happy Hounds, by individuals with developmental disabilities, named Team Members. The Hope Gallery opened June 2018 in downtown Bargersville.


The Hope Gallery is named after Jennifer and Andrew Parker's thirteen-year-old daughter, Hope. Hope had a severe congenital heart defect - Hypoplastic left ventricle which is essentially half of a heart. She endured 17 surgeries including four open heart.  She was unable to speak or use sign language due to a stroke that occurred during a procedure, but was full of HOPE. She was crazy about living life and absolutely loved all people. She spent her time loving people and animals. Even when living was hard, painful, difficult, and incredibly frustrating for her, she had joy in the midst. The Hope Gallery has Hope’s prayer box where people can drop in prayer requests for our team members. Hope used to pray on behalf of these requests.  Hope taught us to make the most of every day that we have here on earth by loving others. At Happy Hounds, Hope helped paint floors, move sticks, and more to get our doggy daycare ready for business. She unexpectedly went to heaven on February 25, 2020.  We miss her immensely and honor her legacy by continuing our mission.  

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